Our Story

Our networking group was founded on 7th August 2012, as a way for the businesses on the Kingstown Industrial Estate to meet in pleasant surroundings and socialise with each other.

It was sponsored by 5 Kingstown businesses Ultimate Security and Investigation, Keyishoes, Lloyds Motor group, Nortech Communications and Premier Inn @ Junction 44 (the events venue) .

The first event took place on October 3rd with over 60 business people in attendance, and some press as well. You can read In-Cumbria’s article here.

The group has had many successful meetings since, and now we’re are looking at expanding our networking scope. Where previously we have advertised ourselves as a networking group for Kingstown Industrial Estate, we now would like to invite all Cumbrian businesses to our events.

We feel that Cumbria has the feel of one big village and wouldn’t you like to know your neighbours and if you could business with them?