Business Profile – David Martin

David Martin, Business Sales Manager, Lloyd Volvo.
Davie Martin-2
David did business studies and economics at college and put these to great use – training as a baker for 7 months!  Deciding that stupidly early starts were not for him he joined the NHS and worked as an internal auditor doing systems and quality audits.  He then followed his passion and became fleet manager, purchasing and looking after a fleet of around 250 cars for the NHS in Dumfries.

From there he became the classic gamekeeper turned poacher and joined Lloyd Motors to do business sales.  He has worked across multiple franchises within Lloyd Group and is currently back to what he describes as his spiritual home at Volvo.

Married with 2 gorgeous daughters aged 7 and 6 David doesn’t get much time!  When he has a moment he can be found in his garden or greenhouse where he loves growing vegetables, in the kitchen cooking them or at Palmerston Park cheering on Queen of the South.

So David what made you choose this business?   You do not choose the motor-trade, it chooses you!

What training did you have to do for your business? None was formally required but I have done loads of specialist funding and taxation courses, we get frequently updated by manufacturers and the large amount of FCA stuff is required now

What motivates you?  I enjoy genuinely saving businesses money by providing efficient vehicles for their fleet.  That and the clients happy faces when they collect their new car.

How important is the support of your family? Very important, they are a sounding board for all my stress and grief

What is your proudest achievement?  Winning sales person of the year for The Lloyd Group.

What part of your business do you enjoy most?Meeting new people.

How do you keep inspired in your business?  There is always something new to talk about, business is all about innovation.

Who has had the most impact on you as a business person? Gary Horn, dealer principal at Lloyd Volvo.  Gave me my start and instilled always doing the right thing.

What has been the biggest challenge facing your business? Oh the usual, recession, changing buying patterns, the internet.

How do you encourage creative thinking in your organisation? We have daily meetings where we discuss what we are on with, its an open forum to give people a chance to chip in with any fresh ideas

What impact has social media had on your business? A great impact.  I tweet personally which has led me to be in contact with lots of people I would never have done so.  Our Facebook page allows us to communicate on another level.

What Impact has networking had on your business? This has been the greatest thing for me. I enjoy it and its fantastic to meet local businesses in a less formal setting!

Are you rolling out any new products or services in the future?  The manufacturers are always bringing out more efficient vehicle – in 10 years time electric vehicles will be the norm.  On a personal level I have some ideas up my sleeve – I’ll come back to you on that!

What advise would you give to a new small business owner? Get established then come and see me for a great deal on a new car!!

Contact David via:

T: 01228 515000

Mob: 07711381944




T: @daviemartin