Know Your Neighbour December 2013

Guest Speaker: Kris Williams, James Rennie School.

What an amazing end to 2013, the meeting room was packed for our December meeting.

Kris Williams as Head of James Rennie School based in Carlisle came to discuss the work they do as a specialist communication and interaction college. It has great value in our community and Kris explained the complexities of working with children with learning difficulties, while giving them the most normal school experience possible.

Changing technology has impacted learning vastly in recent years and I think everyone had fun using the learning ipad. This was an interesting and inspiring talk, giving us all a view of school life from a completely different perspective.kyn1









In a slight change to our normal formula(as it is Christmas)we will be asked the businesses attending to bring along a small gift or voucher, these can be used by the school in raffles they may hold in the future to raise school funds.

Guests enjoyed a fantastic buffet provided by Premier Inn, and judging by peoples reluctance to leave, networking was working well to make new connections for all businesses attending.

kyn12Businesses in attendance this week:

  • Kris Williams – James Rennie School
  • Lucy Paterson – Utility Warehouse
  • Stephen Harrison – Eden Golf Club
  • Hannah Turner – Eden Golf Club
  • Gary Watson – Border Motor Group
  • Graham Jackson – Solway Communication
  • Joanna Seminara – David Allan Recovery Solutions
  • David McDermott – David Allen Recovery Solutions
  • David Martin – Lloyd Motor
  • Laura Waters – Total Power
  • Simon Hughes – Provident
  • Brian Lightowler – Quality Guild
  • Hazel Lanchberry – North and Beyond First Aid training
  • Ingrid Fox – Dialogue Counselling
  • Jamie Hamilton – J H Book keeping
  • Ray Cassidy –  SEO training
  • Greg Kelly – Ultimate Security and Investigations
  • Mike Morris – Chamber of Commerce
  • Helen McKenzie – Candy Print
  • Chloe Turner – Cumberland Building Society
  • Gary R – Cumberland Building Society
  • Amanda Ryan – Social Elf
  • Sam Grieve – Premier Inn
  • Hannah Rocke – Premier Inn
  • Ian Sneddon – David Allen
  • Lindsay McWilliams – Country House Outdoor


Know Your Neighbours November 2013

Guest Speaker: Sue Frith from Sueperior Doors,  she showcased her range of products and the new technology available which can ultimately save her clients money, and gave a demonstration of her latest product.





kynnov8To prove how easy her new Clicbox DIY carcass system is to put together, David Martin was called up to give it a go, and actually managed to put it together in less than 5 minutes.




kynnov9The representatives attending enjoyed a wonderful buffet provided by Premier Inn and networked with others in the relaxing meeting room.

Businesses in attendance this week:

  • Sue Simmons – Hobbycraft
  • Charlie Reynolds – Hobbycraft
  • Simon Richardson – Keyishoes
  • David Martin  – Lloyd Volvo
  • Amanda Ryan – Social Elf
  • Greg Kelly – Ultimate Security and Investigation
  • Jeni Banks – Mayfifteen Networking Group
  • Sarah Clive – Superhero Academy
  • Hazel Lanchberry  – North & Beyond First Aid Training
  • Sue Firth – Sueperior Doors
  • Brian Lightowler – QG Management standards
  • Helen MacKenzie – Candy Print
  • Kirsty Martindale – Liberty Clothing Carlisle
  • Chloe Turner – Cumberland Building Society
  • Mark Taylor – Bluefin
  • Michelle Masters – Michelle Masters Consulting
  • Maggie Creighton – Outsourced HR
  • Nicola Latimer – Jardine Finance Ltd